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If you are interested in becoming part of our Top 5 Monthly Poets or Featured Poets, please send your contact details, biography and poetry to: marketing@forwardpoetry.co.uk.

Top 5 Poems for November 2010

Confused and young life embraced within fear  - Barry Pankhurst
Body Language - Peter St John
Dreaming the Dream - Morney Wilson
Georgie Is Cold - Charise Clarke
The Mark of a Man - Kara Robinson


Top 5 Poems for October 2010

The Fox Within - Liam Heaney
The Bubble of Ambition - Shiksha Dheda
Life - Jethro Dykes
A Second Chance - Sue Peake
The Silver Peace Dollar - Charles Keeble


Top 5 Poems for September 2010

Depths - Lizzy Dening
Death is Not the End - Piotr Balkus
First Impressions In The Summer Of 1963 - Kevin Raymond
The Wait - Joanna Beckett
Screaming Within - Jen Dobson


Top 5 Poems for August 2010

Urban Gull - Jane Aldous
Basement - R.M Francis
Breathless - Denise Longhurst
Indiffernce - Carla Iacovetti
Unseen Wounds - Annie Bartley


Top 5 Poems for July 2010

She Will Always Win - Laura Cheshire
Burnt Side of the Toast - Alannah Foley
Cambrai - Geoff Birchall
Fleeting Shadow - Dylan McCabe
He Would Have Her Company - Lewis Humphries


Top 5 Poems for June 2010

Silent Night - Tara Msiska
Escapism - Sarah Fletcher
Ode To A Penny - Carie Schuster
The Littlest Angel - Lesley Glendinning
The March of the Ants - Rick Bywater


Top 5 Poems for May 2010

Lost at Port - Jerry Ratcliffe
Hope to see you again one day - Joanne Leng
My Brother - Ashley Caldwell
My Grandad - David E. Anderson
They Won - A. Fraser-Haste


Top 5 Poems for April 2010

State of the Nation - Mbizo Chirasha
Adored - Jack Turner
The River - Geoff Birchall
Water My Lillies - Anna Durante
Where Will I Find the Summer Breeze? - Val Lutey


Top 5 Poems for March 2010

Innocent - Bradley Middleton
A Letter - Eda Hughes
The First Snow of Winter - Steve Dobson
The Spring - David E. Anderson
When I'm Gone - Jenny Bosworth


Top 5 Poems for February 2010

When All's Said & Done - Stewart Green
Italian Sky - Steven Jackson
Nightime Terrors - Carrie Thorpe
No Fairytales - Thea Hendrick
The Season of Youth - Enis Keskin


Top 5 Poems for January 2010

Flickering Flame - Lee Boag
Escape - Sonya Nikolosina
Nought - David E. Anderson
Whispering Wonderland - Amy Owens
Wondering - Carla Iacovetti


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