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If you are interested in becoming part of our Top 5 Monthly Poets or Featured Poets, please send your contact details, biography and poetry to: marketing@forwardpoetry.co.uk.

Top 5 Poems for December 2008

The Trespassers - John Eccles
To the Silent - Heather Shepherd
Up the Stairs - Rob Hewer
Proud to be a Scot - Zoe E. McKeown


Top 5 Poems for November 2008

Dark Waters - T.L. Parry
Quiet Forest - Margaret Pedley
Silence - Debra Smith
Frozen - Jenifer James
This Time, Forever - Esther Fletcher


Top 5 Poems for October 2008

Me, Myself and I - Tejal Vora
Pond Life (Don't Go Near the Water) - Bob Whale
End the Violence - Karen Eko
Lunch at St George's - Jonathon Hobdell
Just Love Me - Katie Reed


Top 5 Poems for September 2008

We Stayed - Alex Townsend
Bridges over troubled waters - Gaye Looker
The Defeated Nation - Bernice Fogg
Farewell - Amanda Hyatt
Attraction - Claire Flynn


Top 5 Poems for August 2008

Checkmate in 5 moves - Steve Ward
A Magazine Ate My Brain - Rob Barratt
Unknown Title - Trish Campbell
My Choice - Rosemary Martin
Grandad - Amy Murphy


Top 5 Poems for July 2008

And now they've got wings - Hollie Hinett
My Diet - Donna Parkinson
The Chill Inside - Emma Mumford
Poem to God - Chris Rye
The Old Snowball Effect - Kevin Raymond


Top 5 Poems for June 2008

Cloak - Susan Jarvis
Silence - Leigh Sharpe
Today - Melanie Ann Calvert
The Outsider - Mark Wardle
Zenith - Robbie Masters


Top 5 Poems for May 2008

Love of the Forecourt - Simon Sanders
Discrimination - Annabelle Tipper
Lonely Girl - Sophie Warnes
Come to bed Eyes - Shane Telford
All because of you - Christopher Thomas


Top 5 Poems for April 2008

The Hooded Man - Callum Lee Krzysik
A Soldiers Sigh - Sian Evans
PRISONER No. 5239 OAP - Joyce Langlands
The Outcast - Marisa Victor
The Money Matter - Manik Dhingra


Top 5 Poems for March 2008

The Course of Life in the City Paranoia - Domenico Barra
One Bottle, One Tear, One Trigger - Daisy Wells
Flirting - Lauren Green
'The Day I almost Died' - Brian Markey
Journey in the Pizza Palace - Stephanie Spiers


Top 5 Poems for February 2008

Emotional Seasons - Dominic Davies
Happy Valentines Day - Tanja Cilia
Juppiter Optimus Maximus Soter - Greg Smith
H2N2O4Li+ - Shelly Hobson
Merry Go Round - Mary Charman - Smith


Top 5 Poems for January 2008

Shipwrecked - Michael Bryant
This Spirit - David Whitney
Small Life - Stephen Hughes
Next Week I Will Go to Barentu - John Foster
Poppies - Charlotte Caulkin


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