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If you are interested in becoming part of our Top 5 Monthly Poets or Featured Poets, please send your contact details, biography and poetry to: marketing@forwardpoetry.co.uk.

Top 5 Poems for December 2007

Racing the Train 1955 - Margaret Pedley
Train to Simla - Sara Brummer
Shadow People - Christine Bridson - Jones
Commuter - Susan Vango
Lexy - Jenny Avery


Top 5 Poems for November 2007

Vigil - Keith Robson
Sniper - Alex Conrad M.Seno
Resigned - Sybille (Sydney) Krivenko
In My Dreams - Sue Gurney
The Journey - Judith Iliff


Top 5 Poems for October 2007

Let there be Peace - Alison Wade
High Tech 2007 - Susan King
Slave - Steve Gracie
The Pedalo - Sheila Gee
My Beloved Friend - B.G.Ryan


Top 5 Poems for September 2007

Forgotten Paradise - Rob Cunningham
Paranoia - Kelly Louise Welch
Eleventh Hour - Sania Sajid
Waiting - Ms B Khatoon
Finding Mum - Sheila Whitmill


Top 5 Poems for August 2007

Architect of my Disaster - Diane Crouch
Over a Weeping Flood - David Lin
Dust - Richard Green
I Watch the Day Retreat to Dusk - James McEnaney
Love Engaged, Enticed and then Ended - Paul Willis


Top 5 Poems for July 2007

I Wrote her name upon the Sand - Andrew Blakemore
Artistry Divine - Victorine Lejeune-Stubbs
The Map of Life - Stephen J Stirk
As I Look Out My Window - Taryn Whittles
NIGHTMARE - Paul Birkitt


Top 5 Poems for June 2007

Urban Housewife Werewolf - Clive Atkins
Global Warming? - Ian A Morrison
Soaked and Left - Sarah Dawes
Autumn 1969 - Daffni Percival
Innocent Love - Anne - Marie Sane


Top 5 Poems for May 2007

Vanity - Angelita Redfern
Resigned to Freedom - Norma Fraser Reid
Around the Lake - Andrew Blakemore
Memories of Grandpa - Timothy James
One Office, one Morning - Lauren Turner


Top 5 Poems for April 2007

Remote Control - Ann Potkins
Ode to the great poets - Cheryl Nicholls
Thin Days and Shallow Brown / April - Hayes Turner
Rickety Raggedly Man - George Speechley
I don't know why? - Stacey Orford


Top 5 Poems for March 2007

Letter from Stephen - Clare Hunter
Hard to Bear - Chris Sullivan
You - Georgina Elsmere
Bi-Polar Disorder - Joyce Langlands
Sunrise, Sunset - Lindsey Priest


Top 5 Poems for February 2007

To Christine - Dave Pearson
Wishful Thinking - Jane Colbore
Insomnia - Angie Walker
An Old Sailor Returns - Fleming Carswell's
Older Order - Michael Bryant


Top 5 Poems for January 2007

Feline - Ed Cesar
This Spirit - Lee Mackenzie
Small Life - Mary E. Gold
Next Week I Will Go to Barentu - Pete Crowther
Poppies - Joan M Jones


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