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12 Sep 2017

Light and Darkness Winner

''Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light'' (Madeleine L'Engle). There is no light without darkness. There is no darkness without light. The symbolism of light and darkness has been used in many art forms throughout history. It's the coexistence of opposites, the battle of good vs evil. Though for some it is the light that they fear, and they find comfort in the anonymity of the dark... 

We invited you to write a thought-provoking poem, inspired by this theme, which was open for interpretation...

Congratulations to our winner of £25 and a copy of Light & Darkness...

Carolyn Rogers from Norwich

Hiding In The Light

In the solace of shadows
She's waiting, coiled
Basilisk eyes, watching
In chaos, embroiled
The seeds of dissension
She sows with impunity
A mistress of evil
With the devil she has unity
Vitriol she sups
From a poisoned chalice
Her words drip with honey
Cunning, shrouding her malice
Malevolent her mood
In darkness, her thoughts
Her bitterness twists
Her vanity distorts
A peddler of lies
She parades in the light
Beguiling her audience
While she back stabs and bites
With subterfuge she cloaks
Her covert attacks
She baits the hook
Then covers her tracks
Reeling you in
You're caught in her snare
Blinding your vision
With feigned innocence and care
This artful dodger
A fraudulent cur
She'll convince you she's sweet
So honest and demure
Like a petulant child
She gets her own way
Behind masquerade mask
Your emotions she'll play
A deceiving diva
So haughty and proud
With a plausible air
She's working the crowd
She avoids the spotlight
By deflecting attention
Aggressive her nature
There's no cure or prevention
Undermining, insulting
The tools of her trade
Callous and conniving
Tongue cuts like a blade
A game of gas-lighting
She'll turn up the heat
Fanning the flames
Then makes hasty retreat
With false humility
She will gain your trust
But for destruction and hate
There's an insatiable lust
Sick jealousy festers
Eats away at her soul
Defamation of character
Is now the ultimate goal
Sexuality she'll use
To gain many a favour
Cold as stone is the heart
Her performance she'll savour
Many lives are ruined
By a femme fatal's wrath
Beware, the darkness
Of a female psychopath.

Carolyn Rogers

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