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19 Jul 2013

Daren Peary AKA (Biggy Attitood)

This is my poetry world and I would just like to say a few words about it.

I have lived in Hertfordshire all my life (nearly 50 years this November) and I am married with two children. I have had quite a few jobs including Hairdresser/Care Worker /Mental Health support worker/ Chef/Social Worker/ Youth Worker/ Education Support Worker/ Children with ASD and Disabilities.

I started sending Forward Poetry my poems way way back in the early days (90s) when they first started publishing Anthologies and found that they loved my poems and thus encouraged me to continue putting pen to paper.

During this time I found that the everyday stresses of life were getting on top of me and to deal with it, I found writing was the escape I needed. My poems have been published in local newspapers and magazines.

As time has gone by I still love to write down thoughts and ideas to make things easier to cope with. Friends and Family quite often ask me for words for cards etc. I love the use of words in music and literature and particular love to hear great rhymes and lyrics in songs. I have a real passion for Art and Creativity and feel that we need to keep on encouraging Artists and Performance in this world of doom and gloom and hopefully one day Poetry will back on the Agenda. I also hope that you all now can be part of my little world.

My latest project is to hold an event of performance of poetry and music and to complete a book of poems and to continue writing and making Art. If anyone would like to contribute to the cause please feel free to join me. I love the forward poetry social gathering and reading other poems.

BiggyAttitood LOVE & PEACE

How old were you when you started writing poetry?

I was about the age of 9-10 when I first started writing poems at school and really got into writing again at the age of about 25.

Which of your poems is your favourite and why?
My Favourite poem that I have written SO FAR is Hollie’s Flowers It’s about my daughter aged 4 at the time - says what it means - means what it says - means a lot to me- means a lot to her - I have an amazing daughter an took a picture of her in a field With flowers - it was a moment in time captured on film and in words.

What has been your greatest (poetry) success to date?
My greatest accolade to date is having my poetry published in various anthologies and performance poetry to a large crowd last summer.

Who is your favourite poet and why?
I have many favourite poets that include John Cooper Clarke, John Hegley, Benjamin Zephaniah, Spike Milligan, HollieMcNesh and many more.

Where does your inspiration come from?
I get a lot of Inspiration from day to day experiences and also listening to other Poets and performers.

What is your poetry style?
I would say that my style is using Humour and Rhyming verse but at times I veer off into my own style and just play around with words and visual ideas.

Do you have a favourite book/author?
I haven’t got a favourite author or book but I do love Bob Marley and some of his song lyrics.

Do you have any poetry ambitions left to fulfil?
I would really love to complete my own anthology or book of poems and have more performance /stand up gigs.
I would also love to have an exhibition style /gallery of my Art work with some poetry performance to coincide with the work.
I would also love to have an opportunity to write a film or play to finish things off.
I am not a great Writer but I do love to write.
Favourite TV programmes include Later with Jools Holland / David Attenborough and Match of the Day.

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