Meet the...

Big Wigs

The Directors

At the top of the Bonacia family tree is an actual family, 75% of the directors are related and there are many other relations across the business, it really keeps the friendly, supportive and fun culture that makes Bonacia!

Meet The Big Wigs


Design & Technology

Bonacia's technology department is one of the main driving forces of the business, always thinking of new ideas and never afraid of a challenge. With web developers, designers, illustrators and animators in house it means all our divisions have the edge over their competitors.

Meet the Geeks

Unsung Hero


Eve is Bonacia's HR hero, she does all the things you would expect from the HR role and also lots of things you wouldn't expect... she was recently spotted in the production department making books, nice to see her getting stuck in.

Meet the Unsung Hero

The Number Crunchers


These spreadsheet-lovers make sure that all the numbers are where we need them to be. From creating management accounts, invoicing and the dreaded credit control they do it all... and even manage to keep smiling!

Meet the Number Crunchers

The Inky Fingers


This friendly bunch really are the engine of the business... the power behind 'the power behind the print'. They work hard running our digital presses to make sure our customers get great quality print.

Meet the Inky Fingers

The Finishers


Bonacia's finishing department transforms printed pages into beautiful books, you couldn't find a more experienced or caring team to be working on your book.

Meet the Finishers

The post-its


Packing and sending parcels to customers with love; from Book Printing UK's thousands of boxes to the hundreds of thousands of resource packs Young Writers' sends to schools these guys do not stop!

Meet the Post-Its


Young Writers

These guys work with schools, teachers and parents to encourage children to enjoy creative writing...

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Meet the Young Writers team

Book Printing UK

These guys have got all book projects covered; working with businesses, publishers and individuals producing books, booklets, manuals and pretty much anything else.

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Meet the Book Printing UK team

Leavers Books & School Products

We work hard to keep school memories alive, helping schools create yearbooks and autograph books that means they won't be forgotten.

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Meet the School Products and Leavers Books team

Nursery Resources

On a mission to make EYFS reporting easier and more organised, they work with nurseries and childminders all over the UK.

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Meet the Nursery Resources team


Gurus of self-publishing, they help authors turn their book publishing dreams into reality.

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Meet the Spiderwize team

The Magic Chair

Making magic by taking personalised books to the next level, these guys have made it possible for children around the world to see themselves drawn into their own book.

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Meet the Magic Chair team